The Performance Plants Solution

Significant Improvement In Crop Performance and Productivity World Wide

Superior Ag-Biotechnologies

Frequently featured by top international scientific journals such as Science, Nature and Nature Biotechnology including prominent publications like the Larta Institute and Canadian Business Journal, Performance Plants is recognized for its competitive science and game-changing technologies.  Our technologies protect and enhance all major crops reducing emissions, water usage and the need for potentially harmful chemicals while helping to feed a growing population and fuel the world's needs.

We are addressing the challenges of providing the seed industry with quality, cost-effective, hardy feedstock by making crops better. With our patented technologies such as YPT®, HDT™, WET™, BET™ and YET™, PPI and its international partners are developing a number of weatherproof crops that increase yield under climate variability, particularly in drought and heat stressed areas of the world.

The Performance Plants Vision

Our vision it to provide superior ag-biotechnologies for significant improvement in crop performance and productivity through responsible genetic engineering boosting the effectiveness of native plant genes and expressions that enable increased crop yields and greater environmental tolerance.

PPI also has technology that has shown to increase biomass yield for non-food biofuel crops.  At PPI, we strictly work with native plant genes and do not introduce any foreign genes rather our science identifies and regulates the plant's own genes for desired 

It makes strong business sense for farmers and industry to embrace ag-biotechnologies by placing PPI technologies on as many crops and as many acres as possible .