The Performance Plants Solution

Feeding and Fueling the World

Performance Plants (PPI) is a mature Canadian ag-biotechnology provider with a suite of proven patented technologies for the food and non-food agri-crop markets. Internationally acclaimed by academic and industrial agricultural leaders, our technologies are based on modifying the native expression of individual plant genes to produce high value traits. Plant traits like heat & drought tolerance, increased crop yields including increasing the biomass for non-food biofuel crops and reduced water requirements particularly in heat and drought stressed locations world-wide.

PPI does not introduce any foreign matter or genes into our products. A unique component of our ag-biotechnologies are that they use a plant’s own genes to extend its natural capabilities to significantly improve yield, heat and drought stress tolerance or industrial properties. Featured in top international journals such as Science, Nature and Nature Biotechnology , our science is where PPI excels.

PPI technologies are changing the way we can feed and fuel the world, leading the blue revolution. In Biotechnology for the Development of Drought Tolerant Crops the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) features ag-biotech technologies and the advancements and challenges in this field.

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