Technology Development Pipeline

Commericial Ready Ag-Biotechnologies That Meet Market Needs

Performance Plants Provides Commercial Ready Ag-Biotechnologies

As a world-leading plant trait ag-biotechnology company, Performance Plants consistently delivers superior next generation food and non-food crop technologies. Our unique and powerful technology development process consistently generates proprietary plant-based technologies that improve crop performance and productivity.

The Discovery Process

Our discovery process begins by understanding which plant traits would provide solutions for consumers, farmers and industry. Using advanced molecular screening tools, our scientists identify the specific gene modifications that produce the desired effects in laboratory plants. PPI does not introduce any foreign matter or genes into our technologies, instead modified genes typically exhibit increased or reduced levels of expression compared to the unmodified plant gene. From here, an optimized gene modification is introduced into crop species through genetic engineering or advanced traditional breeding methods so that they in turn exhibit the improved trait. Following detailed laboratory assessments, improved crop species are rigorously tested under field conditions.

From inception, the Company’s business ethic has been to work with farmers and industrial end-users first, to identify their critical needs.  We understand that the importance for improved crop yield.  Our scientific research is focused on real market needs, increasing crop yields under changing climate conditions and rapid time to market.

The Performance Plants technology pipeline