Corporate Info

Performance Plants Inc. is a global leader in agricultural and biofuel biotechnology. We are a plant-trait company with field-tested proven technologies to help farmers, industry and biofuel users meet the challenges of feeding and fueling the world of


Performance Plants Inc. has key technologies that achieve higher and more consistent crop yields through improved heat tolerance, drought tolerance and reduced water requirements. In addition, the Company is improving the cost and quality of bioenergy feedstocks.

Commercial Markets

Performance Plants Inc.’s proven suite of biotech products in two distinct but complementary industries—food production and renewable clean energy—provide the most direct path to building a sustainable and profitable future for the world.


  1. Wednesday July 16, 2014
    Performance Plants in Nature Biotechnology

    Emily Waltz interviews and publishes Dr. Yafan Huang, along with other industry leaders, in Waltz's News Feature in Nature Biotechnology, Beating the heat, Nature Biotechnology 32, 610–613 (2014) doi:10.1038/nbt.2948.  Dr. Huang explains Performance Plants' technical focus and approach for drought tolerant crops.

  2. Wednesday April 30, 2014
    Performance Plants and IAPB Canada

    The 9th Canadian Plant Biotechnology Conference (9th CPBC) will be held May 12-15, 2014 in downtown Montreal, Quebec. The Conference is organized by International Association for Plant Biotechnology (IAPB) Canada and hosted by McGill University.

  3. Tuesday November 19, 2013
    Performance Plants Alternative Energy Agriculture Canadian Business in Action

    Featured in the International Resource Journal and the Canadian Business Journal, Dr. Yafan Huang is interviewed by IRJ on PPI technologies, crop yield and performance... says Dr. Huang “If a company in this field is not competitive enough it will not survive, because its technology will stay within the company rather than go to the market...”